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5 Tips to Hosting a Party From Home

Whether it’s your housewarming, engagement party or birthday drinks, hosting a party from home is always going to be a little stressful. Don’t worry though! The party professionals at Little Rum Runner have 5 hot tips to ensure your next part-ay goes down as smoothly as Grey Goose.

1. First we eat, then we do everything else

It seems obvious, but a fistful a food is an obligation you have to your guests. Whether you order pizza, cater yourself or leave it to the professionals, timing is key. By far, the BIGGEST mistake we encounter is food being served too late. Stomachs brimming with alcohol can accommodate little more than a couple of canapés and this is where things get messy. The trick: dine then wine!

2. Clues for your booze

Now that your guests won’t end up on the floor by 10pm, we can get to the important party decisions (IMO). The drinks! If you’re planning to DIY, you’ll need to consider quite a few things: bars, bartenders, fridges, eskies, ice, glassware, water, mixers, bar equipment, cloths. Quite frankly there’s A LOT to think about. 

Enter Little Rum Runner! We are pros with bar service logistics. This means one less thing for you to stress about so you can enjoy the occasion too!

Our bar tech delivers beer, soft drink and even cocktails on tap. This will impress your guests, get a drink in their hand sooner and generate less waste (think of the turtles!). What’s more, we are BYO which means more bang for your buck. Oh! We’ve also created a drinks calculator that allows you to estimate alcohol quantities specifically for your event. You’re welcome! 

For more intimate occasions, our beautiful beverage barrels are worth a look. Self-service tap beer and craft cocktails anyone?!

Beer Pour mobile bar

3. Let the music play (to to to to the moon!)

If you have organised live music or a DJ, you won’t be needing this tip, so head to 4. 

For the rest of you tune curators out there, we have a few tips to ensure Steve from accounts doesn’t kill the mood with a Beatles classic just as the dance floor is heating up. Time and place Steve, time and place. 

Make a couple of playlists with different vibes that will be appropriate as the evening progresses. Even better, make your playlists collaborative so your friends can contribute in the lead up to the party. On the day, set a passcode on your phone so only your close friends and family can cue songs and the worst Steve can do is skip!  

4. Can the Rubbish

Working out trash logistics is boring, which explains why its so often swept under the carpet. Make life easier for yourself with clever drinks choices. Opting for drinks on tap (bless Little Rum Runner) can significantly reduce the waste you generate and the dreaded next-day clean up. Urgh! 

If you are going DIY, cans are your friend. Ignore the “beer tastes better bottled” cries and can it. Cans can be crushed, and they don’t smash into a million pieces and end up in your foot. It’s a win-win!

5. Sound the Alarm!

Let your neighbours know you’re having a party. Seriously, do it! It is an absolute tragedy when your groovy tunes get snuffed by the po-po after your neighbour reached for their phone and not their earplugs because you. didn’t. warn. them. A simple letterbox drop is often all it takes to keep the community onside. 

Find out how Little Rum Runner can help make your event special.

Sebastian Fraser

Seb’s love of mixology, parties and music is undeniable. When he’s not overseas checking out the many festivities of the world, he’s busy ensuring the people of Brisbane are treated to the tastiest cocktails for their special occasions.

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