Cocktails, Spirits, Beers and Wines on Tap

Now that’s something to be excited about!

cocktail barrel

Cocktails, Spirits, Beer & Wine on Tap

Now that’s something to be excited about! Treat your guests to ice cold beverages served from our beautiful French oak barrels with stunning copper taps.

Unique Barrel

An Exciting New Way To Drink

COcktail barrel

Cocktails on tap. Now that's something to be excited about!

hens party cocktails brisbane

Truly special

Little Rum Runner's Cocktail Barrels are the perfect accompaniment for any occasion!

Delivered from a gorgeous repurposed oak barrel, our beverage selections offer a delicious solution for thirsty guests. Able to be poured in just seconds, freshly prepared small batch cocktails and our extensive range of spirits, beers and wines are sure to please the crowd!.  .

Tastier Drinks
100% Hassle Free
Wow Factor
Eco Friendly

AN extensive range of beverages selections

Cocktails are just the beginning!

Our barrels can serve any drink from our ‘Cocktail Barrel Menu’. These beverages are dispensed ice cold all night long so no need to worry about cold rooms, ice boxes or ice! Take the stress out of organising beverages and serve your guests in style.

hens party brisbane

How our barrels work

An elegant solution for cocktail service at your celebration

Easy peasy espresso martini!

Multiple Barrels

Cater to everyone’s taste with multiple barrels and multiple drink options!

Ice Cold All Night Long

Avoid the hassle of cold rooms, ice boxes and ice. Our barrels handle the cooling too!

Set Up
Professional Set Up

Our barrel technicians set up your barrel to ensure your drinks are poured perfectly.


We handle the delivery of your barrel and its collection the following day. 

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