- Service -

The best option for your will come down to your drinks and the number of guests you’re expecting. Our bookings manager, is an expert in all things events and can guide you towards the best solution for your event.

Our bar cart service starts with the 1 bartender and is best suited for more intimate occasions up to 50 guests. By comparison, our mobile bar service starts with 2 bartenders and is best suited for 50+ guests. Both services offer BYO, open bar and cash / bar tab options, but it is worth noting that only the mobile bar has taps for the service of kegged products.

Yes, we are able to create customised packages to suit your needs.

We can certainly accommodate your needs if you would like drinks service in two spots. We are mobile after all! We will have a chat with you to discuss your options and come up with the best solution for your occasion.

If you would like a champagne or cocktail on arrival for your guests, we offer this service for an additional $1/person.

- Bartenders and Waitstaff -

The number of staff required will depend on your guest numbers, the drinks being served and the level of service you are looking for. We will provide you with our recommendations for staff to service your event when provide a quote for you.

Our staff will provide the best service possible. Service from behind the bar is most efficient, which means we prioritise bar service during busy periods to ensure your guests aren’t left waiting for a drink. If possible, staff will be able to leave the bar top up drinks for your guests.

For seated occasions, we can offer the service of ice buckets and ice for tables. Additional staff are required to offer full waiting service for guests. There is a minimum of 4 hours required for waitstaff.

- Glassware -

Our Mobile Bar, Bar Cart and Mixologist Services include the appropriate number of glasses for your occasion. For events with large numbers of guests and events over extended periods we will recommend additional glassware and staff to manage glassware as required. 

Glassware can be added as an option extra to our Cocktail Barrel Service.

Due to vehicle capacity limitations, we don’t offer additional glassware for table settings. We recommend contacting your caterer or local event hire company if you desire this service.

Yes! We can offer biodegradable cups as an alternative to glassware. This means no breakages and is often a more cost effective option and it has the added benefit of reducing staffing costs.

- Cocktails -

We offer cocktail service in all our Platinum offerings and our Mixologist and Cocktail Barrel Services.

We have a pre-purchase cocktail system to offer you the best value for money. 

For BYO packages you may choose either BYO signature cocktails or signature cocktails. For BYO cocktails, we supply all non-alcoholic ingredients, garnishes, equipment, ice and glassware and you supply the spirits. The signature cocktail option includes the spirits for the cocktails too.

We recommend offering 2 cocktails per guest as this adds to your special occasion without blowing the budget. Of course you are most welcome to opt for more or less cocktails as desired.

We can certainly offer your favourite cocktails as customised cocktail selections for an additional cost. There is a $50 cost for a custom selection that covers the planning and sourcing ingredients for of an off-menu selection. For some custom selections, there is also an additional cost per cocktail for premium ingredients which we will need to quote you for.

- Drinks Cooling -

We provide ice boxes and ice for the cooling of bottled and canned drinks being served at the bar. For kegged products, we have developed our own beverage battery to chill kegged drinks as they are served.

Please note for BYO packages you will require some form of onsite cooling, be it fridges or a cold-room, to store and cool the drinks before we arrive.

If onsite fridges are not available, for larger celebrations you will often require a cold room to cool drinks. If you aren’t sure if you will need a cold room, we can give you advice on the best option for your occasion.

We specialise in bar equipment, drinks and their service and we leave the cold room hire to the cold room specialists. We are happy to put you in touch with a reputable company if you require assistance with sourcing a cold room.

- Beer Kegs -

Kegged beer is only available in our Open Bar and Bar Tab / Cash Bar packages.

Beer kegs are a component of our Open Bar and Bar Tab / Cash Bar packages, and are not available for individual sale.

We have special deals in place with brewers to offer you the best price for the beers on our menu.

- Logistics -

There’s no limit to how far we will travel! Travel costs vary on the service and the number of staff required.

Yes! There is no additional cost for set up and pack down.

Mobile Bar – 1.8m  x 0.7m
Bar Cart – 1.6m x 0.8m
Beverage Barrel – 1m x 1m

If you are unsure of whether our setups will be able to access your space, please send us through pictures of the potential problem. It is important you consider any steps, tight turns and narrow entrances.

Mobile Bar – 2.5m x 2.5m 
Bar Cart  – 2m x 2m
Beverage Barrel – 1m x 1m

Yes, our Mobile Bar and Bar Cart Services require access to power for the pendant light that hangs above the bar. We provide a 15m extension cord for access.

Yes, our Mobile Bar and Bar Cart Services include a water station, however we require access to water to refill the station.

We arrive to 1 hour prior to the start of service to setup. If you would have us setup before a particular time, let us know and we can quote it for you.

Our bar won’t be very popular in the rain! We require that you make arrangements for inclement weather.

- Payments and Extensions -

Mobile Bar Services – $400
Bar Cart Services – $250
Cocktail Barrel Service – $200
Mixologist Services – $200
Bartending Services $200

Glassware Security – $100

Full Terms and Conditions

Your final payment is due 1 week prior to your event.

Full Terms and Conditions

Please see our terms and conditions for the relevant terms and conditions for changes and cancellation.

Full Terms and Conditions

Yes, in most instances we are able to extend our service. Please bear in mind there is an additional 50% increase in the hourly rate for extensions made on the night.