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Three reasons why you should host your event with us

Our mobile bar service provides you with the flexibility to host an event like none other.  Here are three reasons why you should let us take care of your event’s drinks service. 

You can chose any venue. 

We can take our mobile bar anywhere. Corporate offices, backyards, farms and more. This gives you the freedom to host an event that is different to others. Get creative!

little rum runner's mobile bar in brisbane

Unrivalled drinks service.

Previously, deciding to host an event at a mobile location meant that drinks service would be compromised.  There was no way that a mobile drinks vendor would be able to provide the same level of service as you would receive at a high-end bar or hotel.

This is no longer the case. The technology that we have put into our mobile bar means that you can expect a better service than most high-end bars. We have the ability to provide the following:

our catering technology in brisbane 

Of all the benefits listed above, it is the ‘spectacle’ of having ice-cold beer on tap that is the crowd-pleaser.  Nobody is expecting that sort of technology at a farm wedding in the Byron Bay hinterland. Read more about our technology here.

For Prosecco and beer on tap, we do need to reiterate that we are a BYO service. We can connect you with suppliers but you will have to make the final purchase of the kegged product. 

You’ll save money.

This point isn’t just about money. Yes, you will save lots of dollars going with our service. But it is what you chose to do with that extra money that is critically important. Think of what you could do with an extra $4,000 or so. You could spend that money on a professional band, a greater number of food options, or, a longer honeymoon with your loved one. The money that you save provides you with the flexibility to be more creative.

littler rum runner catering service

For more information about pricing, visit our mobile bar packages page here.

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