Complete bar experience. Anywhere.

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Changing the way you celebrate.

A service that was only available at high-end bars is now available anywhere. Host a celebration that will be remembered.

Roof Tops



BYO alcohol structure.

Our BYO model is simple. We provide our fully-equipped mobile bar with cocktail mixers, glassware and professional bartenders.
You provide the alcohol. This means you save money.

Beer and Wine Service

Beer & Wine

Regular Bar: $8-10
Our Bar: $2-3

Spirits and Basics Service

Spirits & Basics

Regular Bar: $8-10
Our Bar: $2-3

Signature Cocktails Service

Signature Cocktails

Regular Bar: $16-20
Our Bar: $4-5

From every angle.
From every angle.

Bars built for purpose.

A premium drinks service has never been possible at mobile locations… until now. 

The Rum Running Team have worked alongside industry experts to design a bar that makes state-of-the-art technology mobile. Functional yet stunning, our bars open up endless opportunities for your event. 

Built from light weight composites and encased in laser cut stainless steel, we have achieved what no other company has. By comparison, other ‘mobile bars’ are not much more than tables.

Cocktails on Tap - Kegged Cocktails

Small Batch Cocktails on Tap

Soda Gun - wunder-bar gun - Postmix

Speedy Basic & Spirits Service

Don't let someone else run off with our bar!

Create your experience.

Cocktails have never been so affordable!

We offer premium cocktails at a fraction of the price that you would pay at an ordinary bar. We’re quick, too. Our small batch cocktail service means none of your guests are left waiting.

Small Batch Cocktails

Hand Made Cocktails

Professional Mixoligists

A complete service.

We manage everything so that you can focus on enjoying your occasion.

Our packages include:

  • Premium mobile bar
  • Commercial bar equipment
  • Professional bartenders
  • Up to 300 glasses
  • Five mixers on tap
  • Water on tap
  • Small batch cocktail system
  • Ice, refrigeration and storage
  • Transport
  • Set-up and pack-down
  • Cocktail garnishes

Choose your level of service:

  • Beer and Wine Service
  • Spirits and Basics Service
  • Signature Cocktails Service

What you need to provide:

  • Alcohol (this is the only thing that you need to provide!)

Endless Possibilities.