Beer Pour mobile bar

Thinking about kegged beer for your event?

Kegged beer is not easy! If you’ve ever worked with it before you’ll know what we mean. Unless the temperature, flow and ‘line resistance’ of a kegged beer system is precisely calibrated, you are not going to get beer. Instead, you are going to get a whole lot of froth. This has ruined many a party. 

While the issue of froth (or, ‘head’) can be addressed at commercial bars,  this is not possible at offsite locations. The systems that commercial bars use are not mobile and are not practical for home brewers.  

Fortunately, we love an engineering challenge at Little Rum Runner. It follows that we undertook the task of designing a thermal system that could be implemented on a mobile bar and would not need a source of electricity. After some mathematics (and much more trial and error) we’ve finally arrived at a product that ticks all the boxes. We introduce the BeerBattery.  
how to cool beer

While we won’t share all of our secrets, we can say that on a hot summer’s day one of our BeerBattery units can successfully regulate 28 litres of beer.  Best of all, each BeerBattery unit weighs only 20kg. This means that the volume of beer that can be regulated has no limit, it’s just a matter of bringing one, two, three (or more) extra BeerBattery units.  

We’re especially proud of what we’ve put together in the BeerBattery. Using simple thermal dynamics, we’ve dodged the heavy and expensive electrical systems that bars and nightclubs use to chill their beer. This doesn’t just mean that we’ve saved a dollar and made the lives of pub owners that little bit easier. It means that we’ve developed technology that makes mobile bar service more viable than it was before.  

Now, mobile bar service can include ice-cold beer on tap. A spectacle that impresses guests, saves the environment and allows us to provide locally-brewed beers.  

We are now the only mobile bar service in Australia that can guarantee a premium beer-dispensing service on a small scale. Except for large trailers at festivals (running noisy generators) nobody has achieved what we have in respect of the service of ice-cold beers from a mobile bar.  

For more information about how our system could be part of your corporate party, wedding or other event, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!  

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