Espresso Martini on Tap

How we’re able to service festivals and corporate bars

Our technology. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors. It means better quality drinks, and it means a higher standard of service for large corporate events and festivals. Let us show you how it works.

Our mobile bars are equipped with three systems. The first system allows us to serve cocktails on tap.

Small-Batch Cocktails on Tap

These taste better than normal cocktails as our mixologists have had time to ‘marinate’ each brew by infusing natural ingredients such as rosemary, elderflower and ginger. But more on that later. See how our system works.

Small-batch cocktails means our mixologists have the time to infuse natural flavours. We use the pressure of nitrous oxide to ‘push’ the flavour out of fresh mint leaves, ginger roots and other natural products. The result is an outstanding flavour that you must taste to believe.


One of the benefits of our cocktail system is that it ensures consistency between cocktails. This means quality. No two cocktails are different, they have all been pre-mixed by our mixologists and are served at precisely the correct temperature. For those flavours that rely on freshness, these are added at your event to maximise the quality of the cocktails that are served to your guests. For example, we add freshly-squeezed lime juice at your event so that the ‘bite’ of freshly cut lime is maintained.


Flawless service. Having cocktails on tap means your guests will be treated to flawless service. Less bartenders can do a better job. This means more time to focus on presentation and more time to have positive interactions with guests.

Most importantly, cocktails on tap means no queues! Nobody wants to line up.

Post-Mix  Soda System

Our post-mix soda system means super-fast service. But it also means a better result for the environment. For anybody that has hosted a large event before, they will know that the amount of waste caused by plastic ‘soft drink’ and ‘mixer’ bottles is huge. Absolutely huge.  Our system saves the environment from that huge amount of waste.  We serve your favourite mixers in beautiful glassware – not plastics that will go in the bin. post mix system


Our beer system is what we’re most proud of. We are the only bar in the world that uses a thermal dynamic ‘beer battery’ that requires no electricity or water.  This ensures that our beer is served ice cold and with precisely the correct amount of froth. Bottoms up!

beer on tap

Read more about our revolutionary beer system here. The link provides a wealth of information about the science of beer!

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