Why We Started Our Mobile Bar Business

Someone asked me something recently. They said:

“bro, do you, like, have a vision for your business? Like, how are you helping the world?”

This question got me thinking. I lay in my bed and looked at the ceiling. Hmm. “Why did we start our mobile bar hire business?’, I asked myself.

The answer came quickly. It keeps food on the table, mate. It helps you pay for your electricity bills.

But that was a joke. There is actually a reason that we started this business. And it is good reason. A noble reason. A reason that warrants your continued reading of this blog post.

The reason is this. In this city, we have many talented musicians, chefs, dancers and artists but not enough opportunity for those persons to earn a living from exercising their talents. This is sad for obvious reasons. But not everything is sad because we think we have a solution.

What I am trying to say is that many of these talented persons would have a GREATER opportunity to sell themselves if (IF!) Brisbane didn’t have such shitty venues. That’s right. I said it. Brisbane has shitty venues. URgghh. They’re so shitty because they charge a small fortune to those that are hiring them out for weddings, parties and corporate events.

“How does this relate to supporting Brisbane creatives”, you might ask. Well, in other cities it is not so expensive to hire event spaces, and, consequently, people that host events in those other cities have MORE MONEY to spend on quartets, comedians, chefs, duets, interior designers, fire-breathers, latin dancers etc.

And to explain my point further could you please step into the life of “Brian”. This will be very fun so if you could just maintain your attention for a little longer that would be greatly appreciated. SO! Brian. The Life of Brian. Imagine, ‘Brian’. Brian has a back pocket and in that back pocket Brian has $3,000. Brian has decided (bless him) that he will spend that money on a party for all of his friends. A “banger”, Brian thinks to himself as he fantasises about how good his party is going to be.

Under normal circumstance, Brian’s fate would be as follows. First, Brian would consider hosting the event in his apartment. No. He cannot host his event in his apartment. His girlfriend has invited far too many of her friends and now there are too many people than can fit inside Brian’s apartment. Second, Brian considers hosting an event at one his friends’ houses. By this time – however – the event has been sold to attendees as one that is particularly formal/classy, and, consequently, Brian decided that somebody’s backyard won’t be classy enough. “But perhaps it COULD be classy,” Brian thinks to himself briefly. Brian thinks too briefly. He imagines the beers at the event having to be served out of his dad’s wheelbarrow. This thought causes Brian to cringe. Brian imagines the judgement that the wheelbarrow will cause given the huge efforts that the girls will go to in dressing up for the abovementioned event. “Hmmm…” thinks Brian.

“I am going to have to contact a venue”, concludes Brian. Brian contacts a venue. “$3,500 minimum package spend”, the venue says. Brian feels his back pocket burning. That’s too much, Brian thinks. Surely they’re joking. Brian calls another venue. “$4,500”. They weren’t joking. Brian explicitly checked. But Brian thinks he has no choice and goes ahead with the booking anyway. Poor Brian. If only Brian had read this blog!

“What was Brian’s party like?”, some readers might be thinking. We’re glad you’ve asked because this is precisely the point we are making.

You see, Brian actually fancied himself as a bit of a creative. For this reason Brian had had many ideas in his head about how he could invest his $3,000 in order to make his event “different”. For example, he was going to hire a Turkish belly dancer that he had met in Budapest and who was now living in Brisbane. And he had also made an enquiry with a friend of a friend’s friend who knew a Jordanian pipe-playing quartet that was going to charge ‘mates rates’.  Further, Brian’s girlfriend had a friend of friend whose brother had been a platoon commander in Afghanistan and had purchased five Persian rugs in that country. The wife of the commander now rented those rugs to those that wanted to hire them for weddings and other events (“they transform the look of any event space”, said the wife).

Unfortunately, Brian couldn’t afford to add these things to his event. Even at mates rates, all of the $3000 in his back pocket had been burnt because he had had to spend it on the venue.  He also had to go to his mum for finance as the $3000 did not completely cover the abovementioned “minimum spend”.

But the point we are trying to make is this. And that is that Brian could have spent some money on some really cool things that actually could have helped improve Brisbane’s cultural scene. In all seriousness, Brisbane is full of young persons who play musical instruments, or tell jokes, or cook really really nice food. These people have a massive bunch of talent, but, more often than not, no capacity to earn a living from the exercise of those talents.

And this is how we can help. Our mobile pop up bar (and our BYO alcohol structure) means that ANY space can become a super classy event space.  This means that people don’t need to give $3,500 to the Whoolly Tiger or whatever other shitty venue they’re conned into going with. Instead, they can splash that money around in Brisbane’s culture scene.

Back to Brian. Let’s imagine that Brian was visited by Brian-of-the-future and Brian-of-the-future told him to read this blog. This is what Brian would have done.

First, Brian would have had a think about every space that he knows that isn’t licenced but is private (sorry, we can’t serve alcohol to you in public parks). Brian may have gone with two options. The first option would have been to hire out a “BYO” event space. “What is a BYO event space”, you might be thinking. A BYO event space is a space that we will permit you and your guests to consume YOUR OWN alcohol on the premises. For example, check out “The Joinery” in West End or “El’rosa”, in Fortitude Valley.  These venues charge very little and allow you to spend your money on what matters. And that is where we come in. We matter. Our mobile bar setup can transform any space into a fully functional bar area. For a fifth of the price that you would have otherwise paid at a licenced venue, you would be receiving the same facilities as a licenced venue and you also you would be receiving our charming personas which are priceless and which will leave your guests feeling great about themselves.

Back to Brian. Alternatively to the above, Brian could have reconsidered his friends’ backyards. For example, Brian could have called his mate that lives in Pullenvale who has a big backyard. “Mate,” Brian could say, “I’ll pay you $500 to damage your lawn for a good cause”. Agreed, the friend would say. Following this, Brian could hire our mobile cocktail bar for five hours. And he could also hire one of our large canvass tents for the night. For under $1500, Brian would, as a result of our mobile bar services, have access to unlimited glassware, professional bartenders, unlimited softdrinks and mixers, and, importantly, beer taps. And, finally, no matter the way the backyard looked before we arrived, our mobile pop up bar and canvass tent TRANSFORMS the vibe of any space into one of class and sophistication. Have a look at our photos if you don’t believe me.

But back to the point that we are trying to make. If Brian’s back pocket has only been emptied of $2,000 then it means that he still has $1,000 to throw at whatever he wants to throw it at. He can get WHATEVER alcohol he wants as he knows that each drink will be costing him less than a dollar as opposed to the alternative price that a venue charges (*$5 for a schooner this country has lost its marbles!). So he spends an absolutely massive $500 on Dan Murphy’s.

AND YET THERE IS STILL SO MUCH MONEY!! Brian feels like a Russian Tsar. He splashes his remaining money at Brisbane’s finest artists. Artists of music, food, dance and décor.

And, in turn, Brian’s back pocket has gone towards supporting young creatives in Brisbane. And that is a good thing. This city will be the better for it.


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